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Hi, my name is Rod Fraser.

Thanks for visiting my website. I put this site together because I am very much into the backyard revolution of producing my own healthy food, as well as the health and exercise benefits of gardening too.

My family came off the land after many generations I guess it becomes ingrained in you at some level to be practical…even if you live in town like I do. You can’t beat that hands on feeling, and the feeling of I did that.

By the way here is a photo of a shed on our family farm:

Shed on our family farm

I have built my own house from the foundations through to the roof. I grew up in a DIY household where we built everything from our own courtyard to BBQ, gardening, growing things, maintaining and repairing our cars, to bricklaying, welding metal, building metal trailers, making wooden furniture and repairing most things we could.

Yet everything is new and I still feel like a newbie, an amateur. Believe me it is still really easy to make mistakes, and mistakes can be time consuming and costly. DIY is a way to save lots of money and time, and get quality and what you want at the same time. Anything that helps you reduce or eliminate mistakes and save money, that gives you a headstart in my book is a real bonus.

And we all need a good shed.

So, with that in mind I put this site together because you will need access to a great set of  shed plans to build your shed.

If you are like me, you need your own shed to put your tools and gardening stuff in. As well as a place for some storage. Our lives seem to expand and overflow from the house as time goes on. If you live in colder climates you will also need somewhere to store your vegetables and grow seedlings as well.

Or you might like a place to put your woodworking skills to work.

I sincerely hope this website helps you get to building your shed, saving time and money, enjoying your yard and gardening as much as I do.

Rod Fraser

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  1. Great site with lots of information.I found you on Google I will be back soon. Thanks

  2. Very good info you got here, one of the best blogs I’ve been on.

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